St. Mary’s Church is your local parish church for Cadishead. We have regular services and events throughout the year, all of which are open to everyone.
If you don’t know us, you can find out more about what to expect during your first visit. You can also find out a little more about some of the people at St. Mary’s. You are also welcome at a wide variety of special events and services throughout the year.
We welcome everybody at St. Mary’s, as we believe everyone should be able to worship God with us. We are working hard to ensure good access for people with disabilities, and we also warmly welcome children and young people.

We are part of the Church of England, which is one of the mainstream Christian churches.
As Christians, at the core of our belief is the history of God’s love to us. This love is shown by;

God the Father     God, the source and ground of all being, who out of his overflowing love and goodness created and sustains the entire universe. God is greater than time, greater than space, greater than we can even dream of imagining.

God the Son     God the Word, Jesus Christ, who became human and lived among us. By his death on the cross he conquered the powers of death, corruption and sin, shown by his rising again. God’s true son, through him we can become children of God, sharing in his life and love.
God the Spirit     The Spirit of God, who is in a constant mission to transform us and all the world, to bring us closer to God.
One God     God reveals himself to us as Father, Son and Spirit, yet one God.

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All children are welcome to all our regular services. Some are more suitable for children than others (eg Sunday School available).

We welcome babies and toddlers at St. Mary’s. We also know that toddlers and babies can be noisy, and have low boredom thresholds! Inside the church, there is an area where toddlers may play or do puzzles. There are also bags containing a soft toy and a small picture book which can be taken to the pews. Please ask a sidesperson if you would like one.

If you need to change a baby’s nappy, we have a nappy changing unit in the babychange/disabled/gentlemen’s toilet in the Church Hall. Here you should also find a nappy bin, wipes and spare nappies.

We also run a parent/carer and toddler group. It meets every Tuesday in term-time from 9.15am to 11.15am,in the Church Hall. We have activities and toys for toddlers and babies, healthy snacks, a story time and a song time.


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The parish of St. Mary’s Cadishead is committed to welcoming all people.

As part of this commitment, we aim to continue to improve our access for people with a disability or special need. Please contact us if you have any specific requirements, suggestions or questions; we shall do our best to help.

We hope that you find the following guide useful. All information is correct as of October 2009.

Visually impaired     Service books or sheets are normally available at all services in large print. At present, no information is available in Braille.

Hearing impaired     We use a sound system with amplification for the main services. We also have an induction loop system in the church. There is no minicom phone.
At present, we do not have services signed using BSL. If anyone is interested in services in BSL, please contact Cathy Nightingale, Chaplain among deaf people, St John’s Vicarage, Carrhill Road, Mossley, Ashton-under-Lyne, OL5 0BL Text. 07876 653813.

Adults or children with special needs     We welcome all people to our services. If you have a child with a special need they are welcome to attend Sunday School. Please inform the Sunday School teachers or a Warden of any particular needs your child may have, so that your child can receive the appropriate care whilst in Sunday School.

Wheelchair users     Inside the Church, the pews are easily moved to provide spaces for a wheelchair user within the main seating area of the congregation. There are two steps with handrails from the nave to the chancel. In addition, we have a portable ramp to allow access to the chancel area. If you cannot negotiate the slope (it is steeper than 1 in 12) a sidesperson or warden will be pleased to help. If you would rather receive communion in the main area, please tell a sidesperson, and they will arrange for the priest to bring communion to you.

Most of the floor area of the Church is flat and with circulation paths at least 1.2m wide. The church hall is flat throughout.

The toilet in the church hall is wheelchair accessible.

There is no designated parking space, but the car park is large and provides flat access to the church and church hall.
People who are housebound     If you have difficulties leaving your home (either temporarily or permanently) then we can bring communion to you. Usually either the vicar or a lay assistant will arrange a convenient time to come to your house. Currently, we take communion to a number of people on a monthly basis.

If you would like communion brought to you, please contact us.

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