We are part of the Church of England, which is one of the mainstream Christian churches.
As Christians, at the core of our belief is the history of God’s love to us. This love is shown by;

God the Father     God, the source and ground of all being, who out of his overflowing love and goodness created and sustains the entire universe. God is greater than time, greater than space, greater than we can even dream of imagining.

God the Son     God the Word, Jesus Christ, who became human and lived among us. By his death on the cross he conquered the powers of death, corruption and sin, shown by his rising again. God’s true son, through him we can become children of God, sharing in his life and love.
God the Spirit     The Spirit of God, who is in a constant mission to transform us and all the world, to bring us closer to God.
One God     God reveals himself to us as Father, Son and Spirit, yet one God.