Vicars Letter


Vicar’s letter (April)

With so much bad news around, isn’t it re-assuring that we have some good news? This month, we celebrate Easter, no not Easter eggs, not a long weekend off work (for some) not the Easter bunny, but the rising of Jesus from the dead! He defeated it at the cross, and this month, we remember all that Jesus did for us all In John 20v1 it says ‘ Early on the first day of the week, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and saw that the stone had been removed from the entrance’  it was rolled away so that others were able to get in and see that Jesus had gone, neither the tomb, nor death could keep Jesus in that place.

Jesus’ death and resurrection give us all hope that all who put their faith, hope and trust in him will receive eternal life.  The Easter story is one that should always bring fascination.

Like Mary and the disciples, we may pass through several stages of belief, at first, we may think the story is a fabrication, impossible to believe, we may be puzzled about what really happened, and only when we encounter Jesus personally are we fully able to accept the facts of the resurrection, after which we are able to commit ourselves to the risen Lord and able to devote our lives to him.

For some, belief is a long process, for others it can be very quick, although there is always a process in faith and belief, God understands our doubts, frustrations, and rocky journeys, and is always willing to help us through them.

Be encouraged wherever you are on your journey of faith, be of good courage, and may the light of Christ fill your hearts this Easter.

Love in Christ

Audrey & Paul.